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I Heart Alliteration (Detox Day 4)

Ah alliteration, an advantage and an anathema.
First, fruit. Fresh! Frozen!
Powerful plant protein-packed.

Glorious goblet, green, glistening.

Vivacious veggies! Verdant, vibrant.
Bound by brown
Rice, rich, redolent.

Sweet, succulent sushi, salmon, seaweed, some soy.

Mixed mesclun.
Crisp collards.
Go greens! Ginger!


27 Responses

  1. I love alliteration as well. Yours was just beautiful. That sushi looks amazing. Are you ready to run on Sunday? 🙂

  2. Hahahah. This just made my day. I’m in marketing and a HUGE fan of alliteration. It saves the day all the time when it comes to creating program names!

  3. Love this post! And that sushi looks awesome

  4. What a great post! I love it!

  5. Alliteration is the best thing ever. (It’s my second-favorite literary device next to hyperbole. )

    That’s the exact brand of Rice Protein I use. It’s pretty great, no?

    Looking forward to Sunday…:)

  6. That sushi is GORGEOUS!! ANd the alliteration is awesome… 😉

  7. […] 2010, 4:19 am Filed under: Uncategorized The title for the post drew inspiration from the lovely Katherine. It’s good to know that there are folks out there who appreciate alliteration as much as I […]

  8. Oh wow, that sushi roll looks delicious…do you know what kind of seaweed paper that is? It’s so pretty!

    • i’m not sure! the restaurant just calls it “white seaweed” but i love it. it has a milder flavor, which complements the ingredients of the roll – avocado, cucumber, salmon, tuna, yellowtail and tobiko. DELISH

  9. cute, clever captions

    okay, so they’re not exactly captions, but I couldn’t think of another “c” word.

  10. Cute post! The sushi looks delicious. Did you make it? I’d love to see the recipe.

    • Oh how I wish I was talented enough to make sushi that’s so pretty! No, we have a fabulous Japanese restaurant downstairs from our apartment and order from there regularly. This is my go-to roll!

  11. That sushi looks fantastic. I’m doing this level 2 cleanse as well. Can’t wait to check out more of your blog!

  12. FABULOUS!!!!

  13. Cute! Creative! Clever 🙂

  14. I think I read here that you should throw fresh spinach into your shakes and I tried it this week. It was great to know I was improving the amount of iron I was intaking in a healthy way.

    Thanks for your great posts!

    • glad you enjoyed the extra oomph in your shake! funny that just a little bit can seem daunting (at least it did to me) but it adds so much nutritional value, practically no calories, and an awesome green color 🙂

  15. Krazy Katherine! <– alliteration fail. I think I need lessons from you. 😉

  16. So happy to see you putting your education in writing to fun use. Alliteration is always to be used sparingly, as my old English poetry prof used to warn me (over and over). Here’s my take on his advice:
    Ah, alliteration angst.
    Best beware, beautiful blogger.
    Clever comments can cause curiously
    Debilitating, dense dialogue
    Evoking enervated emanations
    From food/blog fans.
    Fear not. I will not proceed through the rest of the alphabet to illustrate how little I took his admonitions to heart. 🙂
    Love you, Mom

  17. Next time I come to NYC, I MUST have that sushi roll!!!

  18. Nice alliteration 😉 Yummy food as well! Super healthy!

  19. I never tried rice proteinpowder , is it good?

    The sushi looks amazing!!!!!!

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