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Day 5 Goes Downtown

Happy Saturday!! I hope you all started your weekends off on the right foot and are getting the warm sunshine that’s streaming in my window here in NYC. Yesterday was Day 5 and it was the best yet. I started off with another monster smoothie.

While I was photographing my smoothie, I realized our little window ornaments tell a lot about us:

Cupcakes and football. Seems like a perfect combination to me!

Around 1pm, I had my lunch, which I’d made the night before. I simply chopped up a handful of brussels sprouts, a medium sweet potato and a medium red beet and tossed them in 1 T. olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic powder and 1/2 thinly-sliced shallot. Onto a pan and into the toaster oven they went at 350 for about 40 minutes and these crispy, fragrant lovelies were ready for eating!

I was in for a special dinner treat when I got to meet up with Gena and Diana downtown at Angelica Kitchen. We were supposed to be four, but Lindsay got stuck in traffic returning from an exhilarating day of snowboarding. Our little trio soldiered on and I had a lovely time catching up with two beautiful, intelligent, articulate women while enjoying unbelievably good food.

We all started off with a mug of kukicha tea and I ordered the Wee Dragon Bowl Bargain, and started with miso soup, carrot ginger spread and two triangles of cornbread. I shared the cornbread with my two companions and savored the warming broth as it washed away the chill from outside.

We also shared a house salad and a roasted vegetable salad, which had parsnips, sweet potatoes and (I think) butternut squash all served over arugula in a light dressing with a dollop of hummus.

Diana had been craving greens all day so she ordered the Thai Mee Up – “an all raw entree – delicate strands of daikon radish, butternut squash and carrot, on a bed of garlic-lemon marinated kale, dressed with Thai tahini sauce.” It was beautiful!

Gena and I each had Dragon Bowls, with slight variations. Here are some shots of mine.

Everything was cooked perfectly, beautifully proportioned, and in-line with the detox. We left feeling comfortably full, warm and toasty and so thankful we’d had a chance to reconnect with each other. Here’s hoping we all get together more frequently this winter and spring, and that Lindsay can join us!

At home, I had a small handful of almonds around 10:30 and we stayed up to watch Conan’s last show. While I never watched him very consistently, it was sad to see him go and hope he finds a new TV home very soon.

This morning has started off very nicely and I’ll have plenty of pictures later so stay tuned and happy Saturday!

Have you ever had seaweed or sea vegetables? Check out the restaurant’s menu and the glossary at the bottom!


17 Responses

  1. Great idea to roast veggies ahead of time! I love to put a little balsamic reduction over them when they are cold, it give them a nice salad-y kick! Great job with the cleanse πŸ™‚

  2. It is gorgeous in NYC today, isn’t it? I went to Angelica Kitchen the other night and loved it, too!

  3. That dinner looks SO good, makes me wish I was back in nyc πŸ˜‰

  4. Mmmm, I need to try roasted beets – I LOVE beets but have never roasted them…they are so beautiful!

    Also, I see you’re a steelers fan…my cousin is Troy Polamalu. πŸ™‚

    • that’s pretty much the coolest thing i’ve ever heard. i’m sure this sounds silly to you, but he’s my absolute favorite member of the Steelers and I hope he’s all better soon!!

  5. Haha, your ornaments made me giggle. Looks just like you guys. πŸ˜‰

    Dinner was so delicious and so fun–I always get a little high from hanging out with you ladies. Few other people are more stimulating! And I mean that in a non-icky way. πŸ™‚ I had more raw for lunch today–I’m grooving on it like no other! Of course I much rather Angelica prepare it for me…

    Definitely need to repeat the event, stat.

  6. mmm i love roasting veggies! they look sooo good. what a fun blogger dinner πŸ™‚

  7. The food looks absolutely amazing! I have never heard of Angelica’s Kitchen but I definitely want to try it sometime soon. Does one need reservations? Have a great weekend!!

  8. i love angelica, but it’s hard to convince people to go to a vegan place!. what a fun dinner.

  9. I LOVE seeweed! Random I know…but it is so good!!

  10. Ahh! I need to go to Angelica Kitchen sometime very soon. Everything looked so fresh, nutritious, and tasty. Hope you are recuperating from this morning’s 13.1 and maybe see you soon??

  11. Jealous of your blogger dinnah. Looks fab.

  12. I’ve eaten at Angelica’s kitchen so many times! It’s one of my favorites, and my girlfriends..we usually spend Friday evenings there with a bottle of wine, the wee dragon bowl (my fav!) and the fig newton πŸ™‚

  13. […] met at Caravan of Dreams and I started my meal with a pot of kukicha tea. I first had this tea at Angelica Kitchen with Diana and Gena and loved it so much that when I saw it on the menu, it was an easy decision! […]

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