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Beautiful Stars

Before I get to the real stars of this post, I have to thank you all SO much for your comments on yesterday’s post about being a “quitter” and my decision to end the Spark! cleanse early. Each and every one touched my heart and I’m going to respond to each of you later today. You have no idea how much your words boosted my spirit and reminded me that I made the right choice. Thank you!!

Just look at these beautiful foods! Lindsay has been hard at work and I can’t wait to help out again this weekend!

(Chocolate Zucchini Muffins)

(Fat Free Biscuits and Gravy)

(Cheater Pad Thai + my hands doing set-up)

(Whole Wheat Fat-Free Cornbread)

(Whole Wheat Vegan Biscuits)

Keep up the great work, Lindsay!! I can’t wait to start the final round of testing next week and to see how everything comes together πŸ™‚


16 Responses

  1. Those chocolate zucchini muffins look awesome πŸ˜‰

  2. I love the biscuits – so tasty and unique.

  3. Everything looks amazing and delicious!!! I can’t wait to see more! Beautiful pics πŸ™‚

  4. Cheater Pad Thai looks amaaaaaaaazing!

  5. you have the nicest hands — really. i mean it. we’ll have to take a REAL photo with them prepping something for the cookbook… just think your hands will get model cred!

  6. Wow those biscuits looks amazing! This looks like the Southern section of the cookbook lol

  7. holy crap i cant wait for this cookbook

  8. Wow!!! what amazing looking food. Everything looks delicious. I was such a fan of biscuits and gravy until I found out how horrible they are nutritionally. But this version sounds and looks just awesome! Id love to give those a try. Great looking muffins too. Have an awesome day!

  9. I need to meet the “other Lindsay” sometime b/c her food looks amazing and b/c she has a great name! πŸ™‚

  10. Those biscuits looks amazing…can you give out the recipe??

  11. I actually like the pic with your hands in it. It looks like your about to dig in to some yummy food!

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  13. […] went to Angelica for the first time I ran a half marathon I quit the Spark! cleanse I photographed more tasty treatsMy lips blew up I’ve had dinner with another blogger and made lots of HH recipes My house has […]

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