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2010 Goals Update – Under the Wire

Just getting this update in under the wire since it’s almost time for me to update you on this week’s progress! So last week (1/16–1/22) was filled with lots of ups and downs. When I posted my last update, I wasn’t too thrilled with the progress I’d made. Last week, I started and maintained the Spark! detox and I made huge progress on my goals!

1. New 1/2 marathon PR – I took the week off from exercise as part of the Spark! detox and did some soul searching about my love of running and relationship with exercise.

2. Run 9 NYRR races and volunteer for 1 – See above 😉

3. 200 blog posts – Yet another week where I had a lot to say…I hope you enjoyed my posts about the Spark! detox and recent photoshoots with a certain cookbook author!

By the way, if you missed them, I wrote about:

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Special Spark! Wellness Recipe!
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And even if you didn’t miss these posts, you should check out the comments from each! I really loved your supportive comments about the detox process. I have to say, you all are the best!!

4. Read 8 books – Sadly, Once A Runner had to take a back seat to making close to 100 notecards and studying this week. Also, I pretty much couldn’t help but spend every free weekend moment going out to dinner or to Lindsay’s to help with photography!

5. Lose 10 pounds – As a result of the detox (I’m guessing), I lost 1.4 pounds, even though I wasn’t exercising!

6. Eat vegetarian at least 4 days/week – Success!! I did eat meat three nights between 1/16 and 1/22 – dinner on Saturday, the salmon filet I had on Wednesday, and the beautiful sushi I had last Thursday. The other days were entirely vegetarian though, and most were vegan, thanks for the detox!

We’re almost done with the first month of the year…are you making progress toward achieving your 2010 goals? Hope so! 🙂


15 Responses

  1. Good work on your goals! I am making some progress, more on certain goals than on others….

  2. Well clearly the cleanse being cut short didn’t hurt your goals! Congratulations on continued progress. I really don’t have goals for 2010 to report on… but I guess that’s not entirely true. I just haven’t actually made a LIST, per se. Obviously there are just a couple things I would like to see happen before 2011 rolls around though… 😉

  3. GOOD JOB!! You are such an inspiration!! 🙂

  4. I love being able to track my progress on things, too! It sounds like you have a great road ahead =) I would LOVE to eat vegetarian 3 – 4 nights a week, but it is so difficult living with a carnivorous guy! Does your husband eat the same foods as you do for dinner, or do you make yourself a separate meal?

    • Hi Sophie! I’m actually out three evenings each week so I end up making my own meals for those dinners and The Huz fends for himself. And usually we’ll make dinners where I can just skip the meat component. For example, we made the “grown up grilled cheese” sandwiches the other night and I just skipped the bacon. I do try to be considerate though, b/c The Huz does love his meat, so we’ll make a nice dinner at least once a week and I make sure we get high quality, organic meat that we can both enjoy. Hope this helps and good luck with your man!

  5. You’re awesome! I think it’s always a good idea to re-evaluate why you run. It’s never a good thing to get into an “I have to do it” kind of mentality. And I think when you take the time to think about it, you’re able to appreciate it more 🙂

    Congrats on the success/progress of your goals. 2010 seems like it will be an awesome year for you!

  6. I’ve actually been waiting til the very end of january before writing my NYR update. I’ve been pretty good about sticking to my goals.

    I’m most proud that I’ve gone to 3 Body Pump classes and 2 spin classes so far. My goal was to attend 1 of each per month.

  7. awesome! great job on your goals girl. You are doing fabulous!! Im doing pretty good with mine so far. Im proud of what Ive achieved. Ive been tryin to be kinder to myself , stress less, sleep more, excercise harder and eat as clean as possible and so far so good!! Im feeling awesome so far. Anyways I hope you are having a wonderful day!! Take care sweetie!

  8. Great job on your 2010 goals! I think it’s about time I did a look back at what mine were to see how I’m doing. I’m a little nervous.

    I hope your soul searching about your love of running doesn’t lead you to run with me less!

  9. What is the time for that PR?

  10. Way to go on your goals! And don’t worry–I’d rather have more nice nights out with friends than hit the book target too 🙂

  11. Good job keeping your goals on the front burner! You’re doing great.

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