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Not A Candidate for Collagen

I had a whole post in my head last night, but I woke up this morning in so much pain that I can’t even remember what I wanted to write! While I realize this is probably a completely random question, and one I may never get an answer to without seeing my doctor, does anyone have any idea why my lips have swollen up to twice their size??

The Huz has tried to convince me that they’re sexy, but the fact that they’re tingling and itchy makes me feel decidedly less sexy and much more like this.

If you have any suggestions, please help!!


28 Responses

  1. Some sort of allergy (food, pollen, mold, latex, etc)…take an antihistamine- it should go away in the next day or so.

    • Haha, this is creepy.. I was also about to suggest an antihistamine (the same thing happened to me once and I found out it was because of a particular batch of Burt’s Bees lip balm) and it got rid of it after a day or two… then I saw your comment under ‘my’ name and thought “wait? did I already write back to this post without noticing??” I never meet namesakes!

  2. They could just be severely chapped – mine have felt tingly and itchy before when they get chapped badly. Or maybe you ate something that you are mildly allergic to. Those are my only two guesses. Love the pic comparison, but no dear, you do not look like that monster. Maybe take a benadryl and put some neosporin chapstick on them?

  3. Food allergy??

  4. I agree with Chantal and Lindsey, I’d say it’s an allergic reaction. If that is the case, an antihistamine should do the trick. The difficult part will be determining what caused the reaction so as to avoid the reaction again. I hope you are able to sort it out without too much pain and agony.

  5. Definitely agree with the above comments. I think an allergic reaction. Some Benadryl should do the trick and if it doesn’t I’d definitely see a doctor.

  6. It sounds like an allergic reaction…did you eat anything out of the normal last night for dinner??

    • Nope! The weird thing is this has happened twice before, right around Thanksgiving and right around Christmas. It started yesterday afternoon and I woke up with alien lips! 😦

  7. It looks like you are probably allergic to something you touched to your lips..that happens to my friend when she eats certain fruit (because of something used on the skin). The weather has also turned nasty, so it could be super chapped lips. I agree with trying a little allergy medicine and see if they go down.

  8. So sorry girl. Sounds like a food allergy. Benadryl might bring it down?

  9. could you be allergic to anything?? (did you eat anything new last night, use new detergent on your pillowcases, or put anything different on cream/lotion/perfume wise)

    maybe you should take a benadryl & tylenol, and see if you can identify anything different in your routine…?

  10. An allergy is my first guess too.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  11. poor thing! they do look quite sexy, though 😉

  12. Jolie-itis?

  13. Remember the same thing happened to me over Passover? I think we determined it was an allergic reaction to some kind, though we didn’t figure out what, exactly. It felt the same way, though, itchy and tingly. It went away in a day or two but Benadryl helped.

  14. Aww, sorry you’re feeling out of sorts. Sometimes when I visit my family in PA, the cat gives me allergy symptoms – itchy eyes, swollen lips, etc. Do you think Bodie’s fur could be carrying around some kind of allergen?

  15. Haha, the picture of Audrey (?) made me laugh. I’m sorry you’re uncomfortable though–my first thought was the same as everyone else’s: allergy. It would probably go away with an OTC thingie like Benadryl.

  16. this happened to a friend of mine (on her lips) as an allergic reaction to a chapstick — that happened to my eyebrows when I had an allergic reaction to wax, though I don’t know why you’d be waxing your lips… take some benedryl ? you poor dear. You look like you’re in pain!

  17. Ah! I hope you feel better sweetie! Let us know when you hear back from the doc

  18. Hm..maybe it’s something with your hormones. You say thats always in the end of a month….
    hope it’s getting better soon

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