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Watch for Signs

Signs that I’ve been lazy
– no workouts since the half marathon a week and a half ago
– only walked to/from work 4 times in the past 8 workdays
– my alarm goes off at 6:45 and I still haven’t been able to fit blogging in

Signs that I’ve been busy
– The six Happy Herbivore recipes I made on Sunday (all in just two hours!!) are quickly being devoured by The Huz and me. The pad thai disappeared on Sunday night, the instant cookie dough was used to top my greek yogurt for lunch yesterday, the nutty spread didn’t have a chance and was gone by Monday afternoon and the yam fries got devoured for dinner. I have big plans for soup and biscuits later this week too 😉
– My meals have, pretty much, been reduced to this spread:

(That would be a PB&J sandwich wrapped up in a Trader Joe’s Whole Wheat Tortilla in the tinfoil)

– My clothes no longer reside in my closet, but here:

– I have to spend most mornings going through stacks of mail and unloading the dishwasher, rather than blogging

Signs that there is a light at the end of the tunnel
– I’m planning a quick and dirty giveaway for TOMORROW
– I’m heading to sunny Florida on Friday for a long weekend of family, sun and wedding celebration
– My lips are almost back to normal and I pulled the sock out of my sinuses so I can almost breathe normally again. And you know what that means – running!!

What parts of your life tend to slip when you get too busy?


19 Responses

  1. Eeek! Glad to hear that things will be back to normal soon (and that the lips have deflated!)

    When I get stressed, the first things to go are laundry and housecleaning (which makes it all feel worse, because then your surroundings reflect your state of mind).

  2. I end up with a similar looking clothes pile 😉 Glad to hear everything is getting back to normal!

  3. My meals and clothing definitely start to look like that too!

  4. When I’m busy, keeping our apartment neat slips away! It doesn’t get dirty, just messy! Clothes everywhere, my boyfriends school books are across the living room, and shoes pile up by the door! I try to go around once a week and neaten things up, but it always comes back! The only good thing is, because I have to feed my boyfriend as well, the meals stay pretty consistent! I hope your vacation will be the relaxation you need to jump back in the game =)

  5. Wow busy lady! Enjoy the mini vacay – and I’ll be ready and willing whenever you want to go for a run when you get back! When I get busy, the housework and laundry definitely goes to the bottom of the list. 🙂

  6. I am definitely a dump the clothes on the floor girl when I am lazy/busy. Somehow, I always find time to cook and eat though.

  7. i can definitely relate…one of the perks of nursing is the no brainer uniform. scrubs are the easiest thing to throw on and i have enough that when things get busy and laundry takes a back seat, its not a real prob.

    i am trying to get back on track with my food prepping, but for a while there, it was MIA from my life. i guess we all have busy times that force us to live a more disorganized life than we want, but at least you have a fun weekend planned. and amazing recipes from lindsay, too 🙂

  8. Laundry, filing of papers, and vacuuming the floors are what I put on the back burner when things get crazy. When are you leaving for Florida?? I might go running before work on Friday if you are interested…


    • I wish I could! Our flight leaves at 8am on Friday so we’ll be at the airport by 6:30. Somehow I don’t forsee a 4am run in our future 😉 But let’s plan to run together when I’m back!

  9. This was such a refreshing post to read. I’ve been seriously missing out on the blog world, and world in general due to insane work demands.

    When life gets busy, blogging, exercise, and household organization are the first things to go. It’s lame, because those are some of the most important aspects of my daily life. I’ve found that getting creative with the schedule and penciling in workouts actually helps me stay on track. As for the household stuff…yeah, screw it…it can wait. 🙂

    Glad your sinuses are improving, enjoy running again! Also, soak up every bit of sunshine in beautiful Florida! Sounds delightful!

  10. Florida is the light at the end of tunnel!

    Quick and dirty? I’m intrigued…

  11. When I get really busy I definitely tend to slack on around the house chores…the bed doesn’t get maid, the laundry piles up, the carpet needs to be vaccumed…ah…I need a maid! haha!

  12. hmm when I get busy my workouts def. slack! I always say that school > workouts.

    that pasta dish sounds yummy 🙂
    have fun in florida!

  13. Given the events of the past couple weeks, I think you’re allowed to be a little disheveled, especially with a little trip coming up this weekend. I bet things will get back to how you like it after that.

    When I get busy, I think it’s mainly blogging that gets back-burnered. 🙂 That and cleaning, though knock on wood I’ve squeezed that in consistently. Blah.

  14. Yay for Florida!!! Sorry you’ve been so busy though 😦

  15. I hear ya on the meals slipping when times get busy. Good thing there’s always lights at the end of tunnels 😉

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