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It’s Giveaway Day!!

I know many of us share common interests like healthy eating, fitness and writing. But how many of you are interested in football? And of those, who is interested in the teams that are playing in the Super Bowl on Sunday?? I’ll be honest, ever since my Steelers were eliminated (shamefully), I’ve been less than enthused about the playoffs and impending Super Bowl. I didn’t bother to watch the Pro Bowl on Sunday, and I’m more excited to see family this weekend than to sit in front of the TV for 4 hours.

However….not everyone who watches the Super Bowl is watching with deep interest in the game. I realize this may come as a shock, but some people derive more joy from watching the commercials and waiting for another “wardrobe malfunction” a la JT and Miss Jackson (if you’re nasty).

Whether you’re spending your morning painting your body in your team’s colors or negotiating the finer details of the Archie Manning drinking game (take a shot every time they show him), you can be sure you’ll have some kind of dip or dish waiting on the sidelines. In fact, you’ll probably have several.

What Super Bowl dish would you make with Chobani yogurt??

Leave a comment on this post naming the dish you’d make and the Chobani flavor you’d use. You get FIVE extra chances to win for giving a recipe. (Check out Cooking Light, Epicurious, Recipezaar and AllRecipes.com for their Super Bowl-inspired dishes and get some inspiration of your own!) And you get an extra TWO chances to win if you link back to this giveaway on your blog or you tweet it! The wonderful folks at Chobani have offered to send the winner an entire CASE of yogurt and I’ll be announcing the winner on Friday morning!

Like I said, quick and dirty, right? Kinda like football 🙂


18 Responses

  1. I’ve been wanting to try different Chobani flavors for months now! Thanks for having this giveaway 😀

    For my Chobani-inspired Super Bowl dish, I would make guacamole, with some of the new Chobani flavor mixed in. I think Greek yogurt mixed into guac makes it so much creamier and yummier 😀

  2. Ohh! I just checked out the Chobani website and found an awesome recipe for “Warm Spinach Arti-CHO-ke Dip” using the 2% plain variety. Yum!

  3. i love love love using the plain chobani as a topping (mimicking sour cream) on a big warm bowl of veggie bean chili.

    and obvs ill be watching. i love the archie manning drinking game…i bet a similar kim kardashian game would work too.

  4. Well my Hubby loves him some onion dip, so I’d have to go with the Tangy Green Onion Dip from the Chobani site!

    Hubby also loves the Steelers, so he has been a bit lackluster since their loss as well…but hey – you can’t win em all and you Steeler fans had your time last year! 🙂

  5. I would definitely make some sort of dip, probably spinach and artichoke with the plain flavor. Yum!

  6. You know me….shamelessly in love with Peyton Manning…GO COLTS!! I am so excited….can not wait!!

  7. There is this amazing dip that my aunt makes for apples, or fruit. But I’m pretty sure it’s made out of marshmellow fluff and sugar. I’d try to create something out of Chobani that had a similar texture (fluffy and thick) but a lot healthier! Got to top off the dip with some honey and sprinkles too 🙂

  8. YOGURT!!!

    It may be quick n dirty but this is an EXCITING giveaway, ma’am.

    I would definitely do a Mexican bean dip with some plain Chobani. Layers of refried beans, salsa, guac, olives, jalapenos, Chobani and jack/cheddar cheeses. No recipe necessary! Just heat in the oven til warm and melty.

    Actually I would like that for b’fast right now.

  9. I am going low fat this year — Scoops and Pace Think and Chunky Salsa. And you are right, you should have a drinking game for every time they show Archie or Eli is making that wacky face…

  10. There’s so many options! You could do a ranch dip with a chobani base, a potato salad with chobani in the dressing, gyros with Chobani tsaziki. Mmmm… I want it all!

  11. I’d make spinach and artichoke dip with plain yogurt yum.

  12. I have made this recipe a few times this year and everyone always loves it! http://www.hungry-girl.com/week/weeklydetails.php?isid=1700
    It has some major kick but is great with carrots, chips, etc!
    I have tweeted and posted!
    Are you running this Sunday?

  13. Well first I would need plain chobani for artichoke dip because that is a staple. next I’d like to try the raspberry for blueberry razz muffins

  14. I like the experience of watching a big football game WAY better than the actual game. Hah.

    Oh man, plain choboni could me made into a million different dips! Or you could combine a fruity kind with some real fruit to make a stellar dip for sugar/cinnamon pita chips. Yum, yum!

  15. I use plain Chobani in place of sour cream. I also use it mixed with blue cheese crumbles as a better option than blue cheese dip. Yum!

  16. I would do a Build Your Own Taco/Burrito Bar with plain Chobani as sour cream 🙂 No one need know the difference 😛


  17. […] dinner with another blogger and made lots of HH recipes My house has become completely disorganized I ran my first giveaway! I announced the winner and flew to Florida My beautiful cousin got married in Sarasota I made eggs […]

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