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The Colors of Valentine’s Day

Regardless of the people with whom you spent Valentine’s Day, I hope you had a wonderful day. The Huz and I have never been exceptionally demonstrative of our love, and February 14th has never been an exception. Don’t get me wrong – we show our love for one another, but we’ve never been the type for grand gestures or big to-dos. Over the years, we’ve found small ways of showing our love for one another. I came home one Valentine’s Day to The Huz standing over a huge pot, stirring like a mad man. Later that night, I was served homemade clam chowder in fresh bread bowls. This year, we decided to share the day with another wonderful couple; people we’ve known since before the days of homemade clam chowder. Before we left, I took Bodhi for a morning run. The ice has finally begun to melt and the paths are clear, so I dressed in my best Valentine’s Day garb and hit the street.

Using the RunKeeper app on my iPhone, I did a 40 minute interval run up and down the East River and finished 4.34 miles. I even stopped for a few minutes to talk to The Huz Parents since they were out for a nice stroll with their miniature dachshund! Back at home, I whipped up a quick protein shake and promptly found a new true love. Jay Robb Vanilla Protein. How appropriate that I should fall in love on Valentine’s Day, wouldn’t you say? It even created a lovely milk mustache.

Sadly, the day was not all roses and sunshine. On the way out to our friends’ house, we were stopped at a stop sign when the car behind us rear-ended our car. Thank God The Huz had already taken his foot off the break and no one was in front of us. Both of those factors helped to absorb some of the shock and we’re all okay. The Huz’s neck is very sore today, and my back is tight, but I was most concerned about Bodhi. He’d been in the back of the car and hit the back of our seats upon impact. I am so glad to say that he’s okay. He was definitely shaken up, but we took him out of the car right away and let him walk around and do his business. When he got back in the car, he was much more relaxed and showed no bumps or bruises. The first thing I thought was how much more scary things like this will be when we have children some day. The Huz and I are adults; we can be pretty tough. But a baby, or a puppy, is a completely different story. It was such a scary experience and I’m so glad the only casualty was our car’s bumper.

Our friends were so understanding about our shaken nerves and we wound up having a wonderful relaxing afternoon full of vacuum buying, Olympics watching and pizza eating. Bodhi had a blast with Shea, their golden retriever and The Huz had I felt so much better by the time we left.

Today, I’m fortunate to have the day off, and I hope you do too. The Huz is working, but Bodhi and I will be here to welcome him home tonight.

How did you spend your Valentine’s Day?


6 Responses

  1. Yikes! I’m sorry about the accident and glad you’re okay. Hopefully, the neck soreness is just temporary.

    Love the mustache!

  2. So sorry about the wreck! Always so scary even if no one is injured

    I didn’t really celebrate V-day, but I had a great weekend!

  3. I am sorry you got hit…but I am really glad everyone is okay! πŸ™‚ PS….I think your glasses are ADORABLE!

  4. Sorry about the accident. How scary. Have you looked into getting a doggie seatbelt? I’ve actually been looking into one for my Golden Retriever. They have a ton online.

    Glad you are all okay though!

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