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Still Got It!

Jumped online this morning to check my official time from the Run for Haiti on Saturday and was pleasantly surprised:

Total distance: 4 miles
Time: 34:10
Pace/mile: 8:32

I’m really pleased with this for several reasons.

1. I didn’t run this race all-out. I focused on my stride and my breathing to better protect my hips. I didn’t want all the hard work being done by my chiro to be undone by straining something during a race.

2. My iPhone app (RunKeeper) was right on! I actually started the clock shortly before I crossed the starting mat and stopped it a few steps after the finish mats so the app said my stats were:

Distance: 4.02 miles
Time: 34:34
Pace/mile: 8:36

My mile splits, based on the iPhone, were 9:01, 8:12, 8:34 and 8:37, which seems about right. Like most races, the first mile started off pretty slowly. I settled into a great rhythm in mile 2 and then took the hills on the west side of the park at a decent clip, without wiping myself out.

3. I ran the race after a tough week of workouts; the first in quite a long time. I think several factors, including better stretching, chiro appointments, and better rest, have helped post-run recovery tremendously. I’ve also been consuming much more protein, but you probably guessed that from my cocktail 😉

4. I still feel great! My total mileage on Saturday was about 7.5 miles (4 for the race, plus to-from jogging) and I recovered with some much needed R&R out in the Hamptons. Sunday was spent with good friends, great family, delicious food, a toasty fire, and many notecards. Even though I didn’t go to the beach with everyone, I soaked in plenty of sun through the sky lights and returned to the city feeling refreshed.

Hope you enjoyed your weekends and your Mondays have started this week off well. Time for me to get back to work, so have a great afternoon 🙂


9 Responses

  1. CONGRATS! That is awesome!!!

  2. What a great run!!

  3. Great job! You’re a running warrior!

  4. Yay! I ran it too in almost exactly the same time! 🙂

  5. Awesome time! And THAT’s not all out?? You are one fast lady!

  6. Nice job on the run! Glad it didn’t hurt your hips.
    Sounds like you got the perfect R&R at the Hamptons:)

  7. Great job! What kind of iphone holder do you have? I’ve never run with mine because I don’t know how to carry it.

  8. Congrats on a great race! I wish I could have run it. I saw some runners jogging home as I was getting back into the city on Saturday and a wave of jealous hit me. Great job – great time!!

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