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Five More Minutes

Were you the kind of kid who always said “Five more minutes!” to your parents? Since I know my mom reads my blog (Hi, Mom!), I can’t lie. I may have actually been the founder of the “five more minutes” routine. It was my go-to response to just about every chore I didn’t want to do.

“Time for bed!” (Five more minutes)

“Please set the table for dinner.” (Five more minutes)

“Finish up your homework.” (Five more minutes)

Even as an adult I find I still say “five more minutes” in many situations.

“Must turn off Olympics to study.” (Five more minutes)

“Stop reading so many blogs in the morning.” (Five more minutes)

“Get out of bed and turn your alarm off.” (Five more minutes)

Now, at least, I apply my response to some positive parts of my life (of course blogs and sleep are positive, but you know what I mean).

“I’m bored and don’t feel like finishing this workout.” (Five more minutes)

“I want to snack on dinner b/c it’s taking so long to cook.” (Five more minutes)

“I’m too rushed to finish this post.” (Five more minutes)

Today, I’ll need to spend all of my free five minutes studying. I’m even going to take my lunch hour to the gym so I can stairclimb and study at the same time for (twenty)-five minutes.

Bodhi, as usual, will request that he get five more minutes of uninterrupted snoozing and attention from The Huz. Can you just imagine him saying, “Five more minutes, Mama! I’m so sleepy!”

You and me both, Bodhi.


12 Responses

  1. I think I was the queen of the “five more minutes” excuse haha.

  2. Whatever do you mean, dear daughter? Just give me five more minutes and I’ll have a totally awesome analysis of and response to your post that will solve everything (I have no idea from whence this “5 more minutes” tendency might have come, do you?):) Luv ya, Mom

  3. Oh my Bohdi is CUTE!!! Sorry you have to study all day…ugh! But just think how smart you will be at the end of the day today!! haha! Love ya girl…happy Tuesday!

  4. I wasn’t a five more minutes kid, but I’m definitely a five more minutes adult. Especially when it comes to blog reading!

  5. Haha, I definitely do that ALL the time! You’ll do great on the test girl!

    And Bodhi is so adorable in that pic.

  6. Hahah – I am a 20 more minutes girl every morning when my alarm goes off. I set my alarm 20 minutes fast so I’m not late – how crazy is that?

    P.S. – I nominated you for an award on my blog today. Have fun with it! 🙂

  7. ha. what a cutie bodhi is.

    i spent this weekend with my niece and she was queen of the phrase “one more”…its cute bc shes 1 1/2 years old and has no idea what it means…to her it just means again.

  8. I’ve never been a snooze-button type of girl, but I definitely have a tendency to push it where the blogs are concerned – both reading and writing!

  9. I’m a “5 more minutes” person when it comes to waking up in the morning.

    But I LOVE the idea of applying the concept to be helpful rather than hurtful. All of my snoozing usually makes me late for work. 🙂

    I will try to walk the dog for 5 more minutes, stay at work for 5 more minutes, and take 5 more minutes to prepare better dinners.

    • All great ideas, Melissa, especially the 5 more minutes to prepare dinners. Far too often I rush through the prep, which leads to eating in a rush, and then I wonder why I’m not satisfied 😛

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