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When I get frustrated with my noisy upstairs neighbor, my long commute, or my sunlight-less 9-5er, I remind myself that I really am lucky to live in one of the greatest cities in the world.

Exhibit A: Happy Bodhi keeping watch in the dog run

Exhibit B: View of the East River from the aforementioned dog run

Exhibit C: Pretty checkers tables along walkway

Exhibit D: Knowing I get to run up and down this walkway whenever I want, day or night, alone or with company, fast or slow. This is the city full of runners, walkers, checkers players, night owls, morning people, friends and loved ones.

When you look around you, what makes you happy?


18 Responses

  1. So true–we all need to stop and look around.

    Happiness: looking up at my mango tree in the backyard and seeing the Northern Range mountains in the backdrop. For a city girl who had never even HEARD of the country she now lives in until she was 19, I’m really amazed at how much I love my surroundings (mosquitos and loud bugs and all)–so much so that I need to make myself take notice once in a while.

  2. You are making me miss new york!! I hugely appreciate blue skies, sometimes I just can’t stop staring they are so beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. How fun! I love those tables…I have only seen them in movies! What I love most about where I live is how active and green Austin is. It is such a fun place at all times you always see people out walking, running, rollerblading, etc…I just love it!

    • I’ve heard such wonderful things about Austin, Kelly! The Huz and I have been tossing around the idea of a Southern tour – New Orleans, Austin, and Sedona. Sounds particularly nice during all this cold, snowy weather!

  4. Let’s see:

    The sight of kids arriving at the school across the street

    Squash at the farmer’s market

    My mom’s crazy hair

    A diminishing stack of manuscripts

    The color of green juice


  5. Living right on the water! The view always cheers me up:-)

  6. All excellent points! Perspective is so important. Love the river view and the adorable puppy. Hope to get to check things out when we get together next month! (Ps. Just sent you an e-mail about that.)

  7. My dog makes me happy! We’re both stuck inside while I’m at work, but he is still so excited about life.

    Cupcakes also make me smile! And planning vacations helps keep my spirits up and gives me something to look forward to.

  8. I love the reflection of the fence on Bodhi in the first picture.

    My puppy makes me smile. When he’s not eating my shoes.

  9. Oh man, I get a similar feeling from being on the BH Promenade! I’m so lucky to have that just steps from my apt. And to even see some water from my bedroom window! When I remind myself to look out of it, that is. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Crazy how soothing something so simple as seeing water can be, isn’t it? Makes me seriously consider pulling up stakes for a few months and finding a sandy beach with a tree I can live in.

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