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Super Fly

As much as I’ve enjoyed living in NYC for the past year, I still love brief jaunts away from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan. This weekend, The Huz and I disappeared yet again; this time to Connecticut! Rather than hosting another blogger and her significant other, we were hosted by Miss Diana and her Boyf. In very un-food-blogger-like fashion, we did absolutely no cooking while were in CT. Instead, our travels consisted of adventures like driving to neighboring states in search of a certain vino

playing card games, watching Miracle (congratulations to Team Canada on their gold medal and CONGRATS to Sidney Crosby! Even though you played for CA, you’re a Penguin first in my heart!), and enjoying the culinary masterpieces of our surroundings.

Dinner on Saturday was at a Japanese restaurant and we had a blast! My bottle of sake got a front row seat to the show, which included a volcano (exploding)

and steaming

Lots of veggies

Noodles and perfectly cooked salmon

This morning, I took Bodhi for a 45 minute walk and then we were off to breakfast. We opted for traditional diner fare and loved every bite. Diana and I both had omelets with home fries (hers: mediterranean, mine: broccoli and cheddar with egg whites). We also shared two pancakes.

The Huz ordered quite a bit more, which he continued to enjoy for lunch AND dinner! Here is his monte cristo on challah french toast and there’s a plate of gyro strips with scrambled eggs and tzatziki sauce in the background.

The Boyf enjoyed a traditional eggs benedict, which looked fantastic!

Back home in NYC, we spent Sunday evening making one last Happy Herbivore recipe and watching the closing ceremonies of the Olympics. All in all, this weekend was indulgent in many ways. We indulged in food and wine, obviously. But, more importantly, we indulged in relaxation, quiet appreciation of winter and nature, and lots of laughs with great friends.

Many thanks to Diana and her Boyf for an awesome weekend!


22 Responses

  1. Looks like such a fun weekend!

  2. I love escapes, especially with good friends! Sounds so fun 🙂

  3. How fun! Mini escapes are AWESOME! I am ready for mine!! 🙂 Happy Monday!

  4. I’m jealous of your getaway! Sounds amazing!

  5. Aww, Connecticut! It reminds me of my college days at Wesleyan U. I love, love, love ordering omelets at diners – feels like vacation!

  6. Cue major “AWW!” And all day today, I will surely wish we were all still there together. I look forward to posting some pics of my own, though it looks like I may want to borrow from you if you don’t mind! Bertha takes much better pictures than Mr. Kodak EasyShare. 🙂


  7. I love escaping!! Looks like a great weekend. Your breakfast made me drool. See you tonight!

  8. Looks like a fun weekend. The onion volcano is always the best part of a hibatchi restaurant.

    I am sad the Olympics is over. The closing ceremonies were a little odd though. Especially those giant Beaver balloons!

  9. What a wonderful weekend! I love the peaceful nooks of Connecticut. So serene and still. That salmon/soba noodle dinner looks delicious.

    I like your sentiment about indulgences. Due to modern culture’s inability to pull away from technology, work, hustle, etc. it’s healthy to dedicate hefty bouts of time to relaxation and recreation.

  10. What a great weekend! Any weekend that involves controlled fire with dinner is bound to be good.

    Seeing your brunch pics makes me really miss diners! There are NONE here in Trinidad, so I try to get my fill of pancake and hash-brown delights when I go home.

  11. When you live in a city, you NEED quiet. That’s what the state of Connecticut is for! (And for me, when I went to school in Boston, what Western MA was for).

  12. Sometimes it’s great to escape the city for a weekend.

    And I love that you ate at a hibachi place. We’re going to one in May to celebrate my brother’s college graduation and I’m already excited!

  13. you guys are TOO cute. also, random, but that salmon photo just made me actually crave salmon…which is probably the first time i have craved it since going veg years and years ago. thats meant to be a prop to your photog skillz, not necessarily the restaurant’s chefs. it looks ridic good.

  14. Love you guys! Hope it was fun.

  15. ahhhh the onion volcano! An oldie but a goodie!

    You just made me realize how long it’s been since I’ve had salmon… I want some now!!!

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