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Can You Handle The Truth?

Without further ado, the answer to Monday’s challenge was #3: I went to Florida on a band trip and ate crocodile! No, I don’t really remember what it tasted like, and no, I don’t think I would eat it again. What a weird thing to do with 300 high school band students though, right?!

As far as the lies….

1. The Huz and I were supposed to skydive together on our honeymoon but he chickened out! The Huz has always wanted to go skydiving but I have absolutely no desire. I’m scared enough of plane crashes to go jumping out of one voluntarily!

2. A movie was being filmed near my old office in Boston and I made it into the background of a scene. Several movies have been filmed near my old office in Boston, and one was even filmed inside one of our conference rooms, but I’ve never made it into the background of a scene. Now that I’m in NYC, I’m hoping that’ll change someday 😉

3. I’ve lived in multiple time zones. While I’ve lived in multiple cities, they’ve all been in EST. I have, however, traveled to other time zones on trips to California and Oregon, Tennessee, Kansas, Texas, and Michigan and all the way over to London, Sweden and Greece.

4. I played violin all through middle school and high school, and thought about going to college for musical performance. I played violin for one year (3rd grade) and it might have been the worst year of my parents’ lives. A string player I was never destined to be. Instead, I played piano and flute all through high school in many different groups – jazz band, choir, musical pit, flute ensemble, marching band…okay I’ve nerded out enough for one post...

5. My favorite color is pink, and I wear something that is pink every single day. My favorite color is actually red, but I usually wear something black every day. I do love red accents – purses, shoes, belts, etc. Living in NYC, I find my wardrobe tends toward black, white, and beige since they can all be mixed and matched easily while always looking put together. A quick and easy way to do more with less!

6. My first pet was an iguana named Izzy. Izzy and I did everything together even though my parents couldn’t stand her! My first pet, technically, was a goldfish. Actually, we had two: Gold and Silver. (Brilliant, I know). I also had a guinea pig (Silky) and a rabbit (Lefty) before my parents got my first dog (Kasey) when I was in middle school. I think we may have all had a gerbil or two at some point (my younger sister and brother were big on the gerbils), and I had a larger fish tank in high school. Now, my heart belongs to two dogs: my parents’ dog named Molly and our Bodhi. Look at them!

Did you have pets growing up? And did you play an instrument?


27 Responses

  1. I remember that band trip (not that I was on it). Oh boy, the marching 300. Ed still wears those trip shirts some of the time…

  2. YAY! I was RIGHT!!! haha!!

    I played percussion in middle school…which I find hysterical since I don’t have any rhythm! 🙂

  3. I’ve had alligator before too!

  4. I played trumpet in band, which meant we had some awesome trips. I’ve never tried alligator though! Yet. I had soooo many cats growing up and only one dog, for about 10 years until he mysteriously vanished. Now my mom has one cat and one dog, I have a cat and a hamster.

  5. I’ve had alligator too! I liked it. heehee!
    I couldn’t imagine you wearing pink.

  6. I’ve had fried alligator and thought it tasted like chicken 🙂

    I guessed right woohoo!

    I wear black all the time too. Sometimes I get sick of it, but it’s so easy…

    We got my family dog Harry when I was five and he lived a long, happy life up until two years ago. He hated me though. I also had 3 cats in high school, but now they live with my mom because I couldn’t have 3 cats during college (all my roommates were “allergic”). I want a dog so bad right now, but I would hate to leave it crated for 8 hours while I was at work. As soon as it’s feasible though I’m getting one!

    • I agree, sometimes black gets old. But it’s just so much easier to look polished and professional when you’re wearing black.

      Being gone all day was definitely a factor when we adopted Bodhi. We found, though, that with proper exercise, he’s really a pretty mellow dog and seems to like sleeping all day! He left him crated (with a dog walker midday) until just a few weeks ago and we’ve been leaving him in the living room since then. Every time I come home, he’s just getting up from a nap on his bed 🙂

  7. Yuck to alligator, but good for you for being adventurous and trying it!

    I’ve always had a cat in my life! From the time I was a baby on. I also had a hamster at one point as well. And I played the violin too… very badly. I don’t think I even lasted a year – maybe 3 months and I quit.

    • I wish I could have quit! My parents were always very firm that we had to follow through on things and, being very musical people, they applied the same discipline to musical instruments. Alas, we all had to suffer through an entire school year of my screeching away on that poor violin. Makes me glad I didn’t have a cat or dog then – it would have gone insane!

  8. I had a dog named Ginger growing up. And I played the flute. “Play” being the operative word.

  9. I thought the alligator tail tasted like veal. And I thought I was crazy until I saw chef on food network say the same thing.

  10. yay for running!!! Love the blog!

  11. As long as I lived with my parents, we pretty much always had a cat, so there have been a total of 2 in my life. Both are long gone now, and I like pets…so long as they’re someone else’s, haha 😉 but will probably wait quite a while before I have one of my own again.

  12. What a fun game!!
    Your pup is SO freakin’ adorable. Both of them, but I’ve never seen Molly before. LUFF her 😀

  13. so much musical talent! I never knew! Red is a great power accessory color. perfect for NYC ladies!

  14. When is Bodhi coming to visit Molly again? Soon , I hope. (Make sure Bodhi brings you along. I’d kinda like to see you too.) 🙂 Luv ya, Mom

  15. Aw, sweet doggie pictures. 🙂

    My favorite color is red, too – I just love the vibrant pop of red. 🙂 I had dogs and cats growing up, and I have a dog and cats now!

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