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This One Goes to 11

What a day! After my post yesterday, I spent the rest of the day dutifully cleaning the apartment. I even vacuumed the runners along the floor with a nifty attachment on our Dyson. Oh how I love the new vacuum! I also enjoyed a nice lunch courtesy of Gardein. I was sent some coupons recently and LOVED this product!

All broken up in a “meat” pasta sauce served in my Measure Up bowl πŸ™‚

After lunch, I headed to work for a few hours of training and got a text as I was finishing up. It turned out The Huz was in the area and offered to pick me up. Normally, I would be very happy about this, but last night I was THRILLED. He picked me up in an Aston Martin DB9! We cruised up Park Avenue (past my old office, even) with the top down, soaking in the warm spring breeze and the occasional glances from others. Not a bad way to get from Point A to Point B, I must say.

Today is going to be a very long day so I won’t be around much. I’m working from 7 to 3 and then in class from 6 to 10. I’m hoping to get a quick jog in before class so sitting for four hours won’t be so painful.

Hope your week is off to a good start!


6 Responses

  1. Ooh! I’ve been wanting to try those Gardein stuffs for awhile, but have yet to see them on sale at any point. Good to know they might be worth a shot. As for your day…oy. That’s a long day, and one well-deserving of multiple rides in topless vehicles (not multiple topless rides in vehicles, unless that’s how you roll. I don’t judge…)

  2. Delicious lunch!

  3. I first had Gardein over a year ago in LA — and now they’re everywhere. Very cool. Glad meat subs are out there for people who like ’em (Scott, cough cough). Gardein never lasts long around here.

  4. Have a great day pretty lady!

  5. Wow, fancy car!

    I’ve been wanting to try those Gardein products. Glad you liked it.

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