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Apparently Walking is a Good Workout?

I made it through my long day yesterday and actually don’t feel all that drained! I started the morning with a sunrise 3 mile walk to the office and then worked from 7-3 (on my feet). From there, I walked .5 mile to my gym and quickly realized that walking can really be a good workout. My legs were t.i.r.e.d! I powered through about 4 miles before giving in. Some days I just don’t have it. Tuesday was one of those days. I then walked 2 miles to school and, after class, another 1.5 miles to/from the train to home. So, for anyone who’s counting, that’s 7 miles walked and 3 miles run, plus the 8 hours on my feet at work. Whew!

Kinda explains why my appetite was so out of control. I did make sure to eat mindfully, though, and only rushed through one meal since I didn’t have much time for dinner during class. In my post about self-help books being an answer to binge eating, I included the link to the CNN article that mentioned a particular book, “Overcoming Binge Eating.” Several years ago, I purchased this book at the suggestion of a health care professional. Her remarks were similar to those of the article: sometimes you just need good guidelines, not therapy.

Overall, I think the book was pretty helpful at the time, and I’ve referred back to it on occasion as the basic principles are valuable. Mindful eating and food journaling are two of the first tasks addressed in the text. I journal all of my food, but I don’t record amounts. I found that recording too many specifics led me down the path of calorie counting and that’s never ended well for me. Instead, I write down what I eat and when and where I have my meal.

My biggest challenge has always been the first principle: mindful eating. I find that stress sends my hunger cues into a frenzy and I no longer know when I’m physically hungry or emotionally hungry. Over the past two weeks, I found I was eating more and more, but I wasn’t exercising. I don’t think I gained any weight (though I haven’t weighed myself in several months now), but I really wanted to refocus and get back to my mindful eating. I always feel best when I can put food in its place, eat my three meals and two snacks, and get on with my day. This week has already been so much better and I’m feeling more relaxed, refreshed, and inspired. Granted, the 75 degree sunny weather and outdoor running might be helping, but I think my meals and eating habits deserve some credit too. After all, it’s not just the outside world that affects us, it’s what we put into our bodies too!


11 Responses

  1. i know, walking must be more difficult on my feet than i thought!?! i dont know why this is so revolutionary, being a nurse with 12 hour shifts on my feet, you’d think i would have caught on sooner…ah well, congrats on making it to the gym after all that work on your feet. i still havent been able to do work + gym on the same day.

  2. Wow, I’m exhausted from just READING the description of your day yesterday! I’m so impressed that you made it through with minimal fatigue, but that might be a symptom of things being in whack (as opposed to out of whack…ok that was an odd way to put it).

    I’ve realized lately that I’m a really visual eater – I take my satiety signals from visual cues WAY more often than from when I’m actually satisfied, which if I were more mindful would usually be long before I’ve actually eaten everything on my plate. I could reeeeeally stand to be a more mind ful eater, which in the meantime needs to start with serving myself less in the first place!

  3. Stress revs up my appetite too, thats the worst! I’m impressed with all the walking you got in, I am stuck sitting in my cubicle all day!

  4. Walking is definitely a workout! I walked tons on Sunday and it made my legs more tired than a long run. So happy that you’re enjoying your new schedule, job, and classes πŸ™‚

  5. Great post! Walking IS a great workout!! I am always surprised by how sore I am after walking all day! I am glad you are making choices in your life and that you are loving your days!! Cheers to you for going after your dreams!

  6. These flip flops were made for walking…. wowza – that’s a lot of walking. How are your feet feeling now?! Sounds like you are starting to find your groove with this new gig – good for you! We need to run again soon.

  7. Hey Girlie!
    AMEN to beautiful weather and sunny runs! I swear running is the BEST stress reliever for almost any circumstance! πŸ™‚ I hope you are having a great thursday! xoxo!

  8. That’s a lot of walking! I can’t believe you were on your feet all day too!

  9. Mama, that be lots of walking! And I agree, it is the BEST exercise.

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