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Homemade Lunch

Yesterday was such a nice break from my long Tuesday. I woke up early (no sleeping in for this girl!) and took Bodhi for a 4.5 mile run/walk in Central Park. I don’t know if I’m still bouncing back from the 15k 10 days ago or if I’m paying for the cardio sculpt class I took on Friday, but I was dragging again! In fact, I ran again this morning and didn’t even bring my watch so I could just run for enjoyment.

Back to yesterday, though, Bodhi decided to goof off while I was studying after our run. I finally caught him in the act!

I had the second Gardein chicken marinara breast for lunch with half of a sweet potato and then I had a doctor’s appointment uptown. It was a bit of a trek, but I loved the 30 minute walk each way. Tack on another 3 miles in sunshine!

I spent the afternoon studying more and took a break to make some dinner for the rest of this week. I was lucky to have a great, if unexpected, source of inspiration. I got home from class on Tuesday to this:

At first, I thought maybe I’d ordered something and it’d been delayed so long I’d forgotten about it (not that that’s ever happened, I swear). No such luck. Apparently the company sent a free 21-day trial of the cookbook, but they also sent the bill I’ll have to pay if I don’t return it in time. Tricky little monkeys, those publishers are. Well we’ll just see if their ploy works on me. We had a pound of organic beef that needed to be used before we skip town for the weekend so I went straight for a chili recipe. We actually had all of the ingredients except the beans and tomatoes so this ended up being a super cheap chili. And, in addition to being inexpensive, it was very tasty and quick to make! I actually timed the entire process (prep, cook, simmer) and it took 32 minutes. Not too bad for a thick and hearty chili!

I packed a container with a handful of Food Should Taste Good jalapeno chips and an apple for dinner and hit the streets for a long walk to class. Some might say I’m nuts, but I really believe the little expenses that add up over time are the easiest to reduce. I put $45 on a metro card at the beginning of the month and I’m determined not to use all of it before April 30. This would be a serious savings since a monthly unlimited pass is $89. Sooo…..I decided to walk all the way to school, which is about 4.25 miles. The first mile was lovely, the second mile was a little toasty, and by the time I got to class I was a big sweaty mess. I also seriously considered stopping in a store to buy a pair of sneakers mid-walk b/c I’d chosen to walk in flip flops (damn you, vanity). Well, live and learn, right?

My tootsies are pretty tired now, but nothing a day in sneakers won’t fix. My mileage total (including 1.5 miles to/from train home last night) was 13.25 miles!

I’ve got some more studying to do while I enjoy my lunch, chili and sweet potato. and then it’ll be exam time. Can’t believe my final is next week. Panic!

Do you procrastinate? I’m trying to be proactive with my studying, but I feel like my brain is fried already!


6 Responses

  1. Wow! Sounds like quite the day! I think walking is so much more taxing on my feet and body than running, personally.

    And it’s been like 90 degrees in NYC, no?

  2. Hey hey! You did have a busy day and your dinner looked really good! I am not usually a procrastinator but I can see how studying would be hard to get motivated for! 😦

  3. Oh man that is serious mileage. It would have been interesting if you’d worn a pedometer during a typical day at the office vs. a day like this where you walked all over creation. I wonder how it would compare! I think I wouldn’t mind a walking commute, though I do love my reading time on the subway…hmm.

  4. Those publishers are stinkers! I hope the book has lots of great recipes though.

  5. You are a walking fiend!! I seriously think I had a sweating problem – I sweat profusely when I walk from York ave to the subway. Can’t imagine what I’d look like after 4.25 miles!

    That chili looks yummy – have a great weekend away!

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