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Return of the Green Monster

I’ve noticed an interesting shift in my food cravings in the past several weeks. Where once I lusted after hearty soups and stick-to-your-ribs entrees, I now yearn for fresh spring greens and crisp peaches. To honor the changing seasons, I’ve begun to reorganize my shelves a bit, storing oatmeal toppings toward the back, and bringing light, bright spices toward the front. I also found myself in the checkout line at the market last night with a bag of spinach, a bunch of bananas and greek yogurt (4/$5!). Do you know what this means?

The Green Monster is BACK!

This beer stein was packed with nutrients and I’m sure it’s going to keep me full for at least 4-5 hours, since I took a page from Caitlin’s GM book.

1/2 container Honey Chobani
3 large handfuls baby spinach
2/3 medium banana
1 T organic creamy Trader Joe’s peanut butter
1/4 c. whole rolled oats
1/2 cup water
4 ice cubes
Topping: sprinkle of raisin almond granola from Costco

Do you eat seasonally? What are you craving lately?

14 Responses

  1. YUM! Looks delicious! I haven’t ever tried the Green Monster…crazy huh?

  2. I’ve never tried a green monster! What would you recommend as the most simple/easiest to swallow for my first??

    • I bet you’d really like it! Angela has lots of examples on greenmonstermovement.com, but my favorite simple monster is:

      3 handfuls spinach 1 banana 1 spoonful almond or peanut butter almond milk and/or ice to taste and texture

      You can spruce it up with everything from fresh berries and yogurt to chia seeds or kale, but the recipe above is always my base.


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  4. Now THAT is one goof looking gm!!!

  5. I’m actually surprised by my lack of cravings, specifically for meat. I’ve been eating more of a flexitarian diet since I moved in with my fiance and I don’t miss meat at all. I think it’s because I know the option exists if I want it; if I were full fledged vegetarian, I’d be tempted by the forbidden.

  6. loooove my green monsters!!

  7. the warm weather has me craving GMs too. yum. i love spring/summer produce πŸ™‚

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