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National Running Day

Happy National Running Day!! Are you planning to run today? I knew today was going to be scorcher in NYC so I got my run in early this morning. Somehow, even 7:30 didn’t seem early enough though! I took Bodhi with me and we ran/walked 4 miles along the river. I’d have run the whole thing but my poor black dog was broiling in the morning sun. Ah well, luckily I enjoy running on most days, not just national running days 😉

If you do plan to run today, and you’re going to brave hot weather, PLEASE be sure to hydrate properly. This doesn’t just mean guzzling a bunch of water before your run, either. Drink water consistently throughout your day and be sure to keep your electrolytes balanced by having some salt with your lunch of a sports drink of some kind. And make sure to take water with you (or plant it along your route) if you’re doing more than a few miles. There’s a reason races have water stops as early as the 2 mile mark – you need the fluids!

photo credit: FitSugar

Other hydration suggestions and resources:

Coconut water
Fresh fruit
Wear a fuel belt or camelback
Hydration article

Also, be sure to wear sunblock and avoid the peak hours of the day (11am-2pm).

Other than that, enjoy National Running Day!!


4 Responses

  1. I put a pinch of sea salt in my water bottles during the day to help replace my lost electrolytes!

  2. I’ve tried Zico coconut water at a few NYRR races but I can’t ever get an entire bottle down, it is just nasty. I’ve actually planted water along the west side highway near Chelsea piers a few times…every time I pick it up I think for a second that some homeless dude has gotten his paws on it. Alas, I caved and bought a fuel belt.

    • HA I had the same fear when I was training in Boston! I, too, caved and bought a fuel belt. I’m still stubborn enough to leave it at home for anything under 8 or 10 miles though. Thankfully, most of my running is done in Central Park and I’m never far from a water fountain! I usually mix Zico with water so I can barely taste it. I’d so much rather eat pieces of fresh fruit, but if I have to eat another post-race bruised to high heaven grainy apple I might scream. NYRR is great about providing water and post-race food, but I’d love some variety.

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