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Handstand Envy

The Huz and I love doing stuff together. Walking Bodhi. Making tasty dinners. Entertaining lovely blog friends. You know, stuff. For years I’ve dreamed that The Huz would adopt my love of running and we’d become one of those cute running couples. We’d “accidentally” coordinate our workout clothes and jog merrily through the park with our trusty canine companion. As we ran, we’d regale one another with stories from our day, imagine new adventures, and wax poetic about the awesomeness of running and how infinitely more awesome it is because we do it together.

Well, so far, I see no “his” and “her” race bibs in our future or cute “That runner you’re checking out? Yea, that’s my husband!” t-shirts. Sure, we’ll get out for a few miles here and there, but we’ve found a much better physical activity to enjoy together. Focus now. I’m talking about yoga, people!

That’s right. The Huz and I love taking yoga classes together. Even though we generally focus on our own practices during each class, I’ve been known to send a sideways glance in the direction of my darling, especially when we head to the wall to practice inversions. Last week, the instructor led us through several handstand preps. We walked our feet up the wall into an “L” shape and I was feeling pretty awesome. Then, we turned around and started kicking up toward the wall. Suddenly, my pride was feeling a little bruised. I wanted to be doing a handstand. Waaaah! Then, I looked over at The Huz and saw how close he was to getting his own handstand. I was so proud of HIM that I wasn’t even thinking of myself anymore!

Even though he teased me about being jealous of his “mad handstand skillz” we were both so proud of each other for committing to the best practice we could have. I might not be able to do a handstand, but I can totally be excited for my handsome husband who can. And maybe I’ll spend a few extra minutes practicing my own soon 😉