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Not At All A-Muse-ing

All the great writers have muses. From Shakespeare to Bono, everyone has needed inspiration from someone else at some point. This week, I’ve learned my muse is exercise. I realize this shouldn’t really be a surprise, but somehow I thought the creative juices would continue to flow even if my feet weren’t hitting the pavement or the yoga mat. I thought wrong.

It’s not that I haven’t had interesting activities to entertain me, or to write about. On the contrary! This past week has actually been jam packed.

I gave my first massage to someone besides a classmate or the Huz and, I think, it went well! From my end, it did, but you’ll have to ask Ashley for the details since she was the recipient. 😉

I really loved working on an athlete, especially a runner, because I felt like I was so much more sensitive to typical runner aches and pains. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy the upper body work, of course, because who doesn’t love a shoulder massage? I just wish I’d had the extra week of class under my belt so I could have done even more. Ah well, next time, right?

Our good friends, Brian and Kristin, had a beautiful, healthy baby boy named Nathaniel on Wednesday and we drove straight to the hospital that afternoon to meet him. Mother, father and baby all looked wonderful, likely in part to a quick labor. 6 hours, start to finish, not too shabby!

We went back out to Long Island to visit them on Sunday and just couldn’t get enough of the cuteness. Our visit also gave Bodhi a chance to play with his best friend, Shea, Brian and Kristin’s golden retriever. He was exhausted when we got home!!

Other festivities included a roof deck BBQ hosted by Melissa at her gorgeous apartment in Long Island City. If I ever move out of Manhattan, I’m moving there. She had everything: pool, gym club, yoga and pilates classes, doorman, 3 walls of huge windows in her room, the aforementioned roof deck, and…in unit washer/dryer!!! I couldn’t get enough of the view and all the amenities, and all just one stop from Grand Central station. Veeeeeery tempting!

The Huz and I had a wonderful time hanging out with Dori, Missy, and our beautiful host and her friends. And we enjoyed some tasty treats too! Melissa’s main squeeze, Frank, was manning the grill and he made up chicken, burgers an even a veggie burger for moi. I like a man who knows his way around the grill; this one’s a keeper!

I had a few culinary adventures, too, but I’m saving those tales for later this week.

See, I told you I had a lot to write about! I guess the run I have planned for tonight has inspired me to write this rather long-winded post. Here’s hoping I can stay in this groove and log some great miles and even better posts.

Hope you’re having a great week!