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We Make Plans…

So, I ran in my new kicks a few times and decided it was time to start formulating a plan for my goal – a new half marathon PR. When I started plotting out my schedule, I talked to several other runners about training plans, race choices, and so on. As far as which race I would run, I had some pretty tough restrictions:

1. The race must be in October or November this year. I’d prefer to sign up for two, in case the first is a bust.
2. The race must be relatively local.
3. It must be on a Sunday, and allow day-of packet pick-up. I’ll have class on Saturdays so I can’t run races that require Saturday pick-up.
4. It must be a relatively flat course. Let’s face it. Shooting for a PR while climbing Everest is just sick. Give me flat and fast, please!

I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised that these limitations would be, well, limiting. At this point, I’ve decided to sign up for the Staten Island Half Marathon. It’s not particularly flat, but it does satisfy all my other requirements. Ah me, ah my. I suppose I should see Staten Island one of these days anyway, right? (Side note: I can’t believe how many NYers have never seen Staten Island. Ever. Totally blows my mind.)

Okay, race chosen. Now for a training plan. Lindsay is currently training for a full marathon, just a small stepping stone for her journey to a full Ironman. She said she was using the FIRST marathon training plan, which only requires three runs each week. A PR based on only three days of running/week? Yes please! I promptly took the half marathon plan, chopped out a few weeks to make it fit into the remaining weeks between now and 10.10.10 (love it!) and printed about a hundred copies to keep in every nook and cranny of my apartment, office and purses. No way I can lose motivation that way!

The plan I’ve created follows the FIRST method, which utilizes one interval/speed run, one tempo run, and one long run each week. I also do cross training 2-3 times each week and have one rest day. Oddly, the rest day is the day before my long run, rather than the day after. At first I was concerned about hopping on an elliptical machine right after a long run, but I really love feeling fresh to run long and having a reason to get moving the day after logging the big miles.

Well, now I’ve got the kicks, the date, and the plan. Nothing can go wrong right?


Fluff Reading (or, Why I Read the Twilight Series)

Everyone has guilty pleasures. Some are more open about theirs than others. Generally, I’m pretty private when matters of potential embarrassment are concerned. One thing I refused to be ashamed of was my fanatical obsession with Dawson’s Creek all through college. No joke, I ended a date early, once, because I insisted on going home to watch the new episode. (A fact The Huz is probably happy about, since I wasn’t on a date with him!)

While I certainly have other guilty pleasures, I’m only going to reveal one more here: Cheesy young adult books. LOVE them. Most recently, I finally finished the Twilight series. I know, I should be hanging my head in shame, but they were just so good! Ridiculous, obviously, but also so much fun! I bought and read the first book while living in Boston. I let a friend borrow it after raving about it and she returned it a day later and suggested I might want to have my head examined. I guess someone didn’t share my appreciation for overdramatic teen vampires. Sigh.

I waited until I’d moved to NYC to continue the saga and, in light of my new, more expensive surroundings, borrowed books two and three from a coworker. Well, from my coworker’s teenaged daughter, actually. I finished each book in less than a week and vowed to wait a few weeks for the last book. Then, I quit my job. Suddenly, my source for sappy teen drama had been cut off. I felt like an addict who’d lost contact with her supplier. I needed my fix!

Finally, as if this girl wasn’t already a complete goddess, I discovered book 4 on the shelf of one soapy, chocolatey Diana while shuffling through her truly awesome cookbook collection. Not only did I walk out of her new abode with a belly full of clafoutis and a handful of recipes, but I also had Breaking Dawn tucked into my bag and a guilty grin on my face.

True to form, I polished this book off in just over 5 days. Started on Sunday evening and finished at work on Friday, and I loved every single printed word of it. Was it cheesy? Of course. Was it predictable? Fairly. Was it a totally fantastic summer speed read? Without a doubt! And now I’m ready to revisit some of the more intense novels on my bookshelf!

What are some of your guilty pleasures?