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Fluff Reading (or, Why I Read the Twilight Series)

Everyone has guilty pleasures. Some are more open about theirs than others. Generally, I’m pretty private when matters of potential embarrassment are concerned. One thing I refused to be ashamed of was my fanatical obsession with Dawson’s Creek all through college. No joke, I ended a date early, once, because I insisted on going home to watch the new episode. (A fact The Huz is probably happy about, since I wasn’t on a date with him!)

While I certainly have other guilty pleasures, I’m only going to reveal one more here: Cheesy young adult books. LOVE them. Most recently, I finally finished the Twilight series. I know, I should be hanging my head in shame, but they were just so good! Ridiculous, obviously, but also so much fun! I bought and read the first book while living in Boston. I let a friend borrow it after raving about it and she returned it a day later and suggested I might want to have my head examined. I guess someone didn’t share my appreciation for overdramatic teen vampires. Sigh.

I waited until I’d moved to NYC to continue the saga and, in light of my new, more expensive surroundings, borrowed books two and three from a coworker. Well, from my coworker’s teenaged daughter, actually. I finished each book in less than a week and vowed to wait a few weeks for the last book. Then, I quit my job. Suddenly, my source for sappy teen drama had been cut off. I felt like an addict who’d lost contact with her supplier. I needed my fix!

Finally, as if this girl wasn’t already a complete goddess, I discovered book 4 on the shelf of one soapy, chocolatey Diana while shuffling through her truly awesome cookbook collection. Not only did I walk out of her new abode with a belly full of clafoutis and a handful of recipes, but I also had Breaking Dawn tucked into my bag and a guilty grin on my face.

True to form, I polished this book off in just over 5 days. Started on Sunday evening and finished at work on Friday, and I loved every single printed word of it. Was it cheesy? Of course. Was it predictable? Fairly. Was it a totally fantastic summer speed read? Without a doubt! And now I’m ready to revisit some of the more intense novels on my bookshelf!

What are some of your guilty pleasures?


7 Responses

  1. haha I read the first Twilight book and it was just not my thing 😦 I havent seen any of the movies either!!

  2. No shame! I’ve read the Twilight books too (as an adult). It’s the literary equivalent of a granola bar – not good for you, not too satisfying, but goes down VERY easily. As for other guilty pleasures? I’m a sucker for fast-talking detective novels. Yup. Put me in an airport bookstore and I go wild.

  3. I’ve been outed! Hahaha. I’m glad you enjoyed Breaking Dawn. It is a masterpiece of cheese. I’m about to lend book 1 to Sonia, who in return has shared with me the first in what she says is a similar series (recall that she works at Random House) so if “Fallen” is as compelling as Twilight, I will pass on some more supernatural adolescent fiction for you to devour. 🙂

    Still haven’t seen Eclipse yet! Argh. Need to get on it. I’m a disgrace of a fan.

  4. Don’t be ashamed!! I read the entire series too. And what’s worse – I actually bought them all b/c I had a feeling I might want to re-read them someday. I like to enjoy a quick mindless read every now and then. But what’s really terrible and shameful is that I go see the movies as well! 🙂

  5. I love those books! haha…I actually just picked up another book by Stephanie Meyers called Host. I am SO excited to start it!! 🙂

  6. I LOVED the whole series! And all the movies so far. Oh, and I just took a long car trip for which I downloaded Breaking Dawn onto my ipod. I have already read it, but thought it would be fun to listen to and brush up on before the movie (or 2) come out. I have to admit that I actually enjoyed the drive and I HATE car trips. We all need a guilty pleasure and at least we aren’t alone 🙂

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