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7:35, what?

Now that I’m up and running again (ah, puns, love them. LOVE them.), I’ve been getting more acquainted with interval workouts. And even though, for the most part, it’s crazy hot here in NYC these days, I’ve tried to take a run or two out to the streets. But what’s a girl to do when her training plan demands she run a workout like this??

400m 7:35/mile
600m 7:40/mile
800m 7:45/mile
1200m 7:55/mile
800m 7:45/mile
600m 7:40/mile
400m 7:35/mile

First of all, let me just say I think these paces are absolutely absurd. Since when can I run at a 7:35/mile pace? Well, apparently I can. It’s not pretty, but I can do it!

Second, how am I supposed to gauge distance and pace when I’m outside? Several months ago, the Huz literally had to drag me away from the computer just seconds before I bought myself a Garmin. Um, hello, Katherine. You quit your full-time, cushy desk job back in April, remember? Let’s not go blowing hundreds of dollars on a watch, mmmkay? Truth be told, the money wasn’t the only issue. By all accounts, Garmins really aren’t great in NYC. Apparently the interference of all the skyscrapers and tall apartment buildings scrambles the GPS so it’s really only effective in Central Park, or along the rivers. And even then it can take a while to find signal. I don’t know about you, but when I’m staring at a training run like the one above, the extra 10 seconds I have to stand and wait for my watch to figure out where I am is more than enough time to turn me around and lead straight to the couch.

I could always just ignore the .75 miles to and from Central Park, but I have to say I like getting credit for ALL the running I’m doing. That mile and a half starts to add up after a while, too!

So, a Garmin was out of the question.

Suddenly I found myself on the hunt for a reputable running watch that tracked pace and time without GPS. I didn’t need a heart rate monitor or lots of bells and whistles. I just wanted something that would help me run that nasty interval workout without sneaking in extra seconds or, worse, extra distance! Sometimes I’m amazed by the power of the internet. In no time, I found Tech4o, a company that makes the exact watch I was looking for! And, even better, they agreed to send one to me to put through the training ringer. Hooray!!

Welcome home my beautiful, pink loveliness!

First off, I had to calibrate this watch. Similar to a basic pedometer, the watch needs to have a registered stride length. However, it records both a walking AND a running length, which is great for those of us who sometimes need to take a quick walk break (or have a rest interval between 400m dashes) and don’t want our pace or distance to be completely miscalculated. It also doesn’t require a foot pod or additional gear. I’ll admit, running and walking circles around the Central Park Reservoir ad nauseum didn’t really endear me to the watch, but it was a great excuse to get out and enjoy the scenery for about an hour. I can’t say how thankful I was for the meter and yard markers around the reservoir. Without a good track, the calibration would have been almost impossible!

I took this watch out for several easy runs and then decided to put it to the true test – a road race! The Mothers Day 4 miler seemed like the perfect opportunity so I strapped my iPhone around my arm, my Accelerator watch around my wrist and ticked off the miles marked along the course. Success!!

Official course distance: 4.0 miles
iPhone app recorded distance: 4.15 miles
Tech4o distance: 4.07 miles

I’ll take the .07 mile variation since I definitely wasn’t on the inside of the course for the duration.

Test #2 was the Japan Day 4 miler, a race with very different weather conditions and one that was run about three minutes slower.

Official course distance: 4.0 miles
iPhone app distance: 4.17 miles
Tech4o distance: 4.19 miles

Uh oh! I think this race demonstrated the limitations of a stride-based pacing watch. Because I was running so much slower (thank you 80% humidity), my stride was shorter. The watch still registered the movement as running, but assumed I was striding out to the length I usually ran. Oops! The good news is that I took my pink princess out for a repeat of the course later that week and ran it at my more natural stride and it was right back on track. It even properly tracked the 30-second walk I took to answer my phone while running.

Bolstered by the good results, I decided to take it out this week for an interval run. I’ve never used all the functions on a Garmin so I don’t know if the experience would be similar, but I found intervals to be so convenient with the Accelerator. I used the sequential timers and set the view to show my distance and pace, so I had no trouble knowing when to sprint and when I could collapse and recover and the screen was easy to read and uncluttered so I didn’t have too much information to confuse me. (Hey, it’s easy after 4 miles of hot, sweaty intervals!)

I guess the moral of the story is that nothing is perfect. However, if you run a pretty consistent pace and live in a major city, I would very strongly recommend you look at Tech4o’s products when considering your next watch purchase. I know Garmins are the hotness as far as running gear goes, but my watch is smaller, more feminine, more user-friendly and, most importantly, more accurate for city running! And the cheaper price tag is a nice perk too.


This One Goes to 11

What a day! After my post yesterday, I spent the rest of the day dutifully cleaning the apartment. I even vacuumed the runners along the floor with a nifty attachment on our Dyson. Oh how I love the new vacuum! I also enjoyed a nice lunch courtesy of Gardein. I was sent some coupons recently and LOVED this product!

All broken up in a “meat” pasta sauce served in my Measure Up bowl 🙂

After lunch, I headed to work for a few hours of training and got a text as I was finishing up. It turned out The Huz was in the area and offered to pick me up. Normally, I would be very happy about this, but last night I was THRILLED. He picked me up in an Aston Martin DB9! We cruised up Park Avenue (past my old office, even) with the top down, soaking in the warm spring breeze and the occasional glances from others. Not a bad way to get from Point A to Point B, I must say.

Today is going to be a very long day so I won’t be around much. I’m working from 7 to 3 and then in class from 6 to 10. I’m hoping to get a quick jog in before class so sitting for four hours won’t be so painful.

Hope your week is off to a good start!

First Day of the Rest of Your Life

Good morning, blog world!! The sun is shining and today is my first day without a full-time job since 2004. I left my office on Friday with so many thoughts running through my mind. What would I do about insurance? Would we be able to downsize our budget enough? Would I get tired of working in my new role?

Luckily, all these concerns were drowned out by a bigger thought: What should I pack for my weekend in the Hamptons??

The Huz and I drove out on Friday and spent the entire weekend working on the house (The Huz with his parents), studying (me) and regrouping in preparation for the weeks to come. On Sunday, The Huz’s mom and I woke up for a 6:30am sunrise Easter service on the beach. Even though it made me miss my church in Pittsburgh, it was just what I needed. We were all huddled under an overhang away from the mist and fog, but the sun was bright in my mind.

After the service, I took Bodhi for an hour-long walk around the neighborhood and along the beach to have my own quiet time. I got back to the house feeling so centered and ready to face whatever comes my way.

And I’m taking this whole new lifestyle by the horns! I woke up this morning and immediately started tackling our bedroom. We’re usually pretty good about keeping the living room tidy since it’s the first thing you see when you enter our apartment. The bedroom, on the other hand, can be hidden behind a closed door. The problem, though, is our desk is in the bedroom. The last thing I want (besides the bad sleep I always have in a cluttered bedroom!) is a workspace where I can’t focus. I’m too ashamed to take “before” pictures, but perhaps you’ll get a peek into our apartment when everything is sparkling and organized 😉

In the meantime, feast your eyes on the return of my morning oatmeal! I took a few minutes away from cleaning and mixed the following into my large Measure Up bowl.

1/2 c oats
1/4 c raisin and almond granola
dried cranberries

Heather, from Measure Up, which is actually based right here in New York, sent the two-bowl combo set to me a few weeks ago and I can’t get enough of these little bowls! I’ve really loved using them for pasta, trail mix and roasted chickpeas, all foods I’m prone to over eating. The small bowl has lines for 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 cup and the large bowl delineates 1, 1.5 and 2 cups. I bet you can guess which foods are eaten from which bowls 😉

Alright, time to get back to cleaning. Have a wonderful Monday!!

Give Me A T(ea)!

I don’t know about you, but when I’m sick, I bring out the big guns to jump start my immune system. Last week I ended up with The Huz’s cold, much as I tried to avoid it. Realistically, I probably didn’t even have a chance. Sure, I was exercising and drinking lots of water. But I wasn’t sleeping enough, I was anxious about my big announcement, I had exams to study for, and an upcoming 15k (which I’ll recap this weekend, hopefully). Sure enough, just as The Huz turned the corner and started feeling better, I got knocked out. On my way down into the pit of snotty noses and sore throats, I rounded up the troops: zinc lozenges, Emergen-C, an extra-large green juice, and echinacea tea.

That last item wound up being the easiest to acquire since it came to me, as if inspired by some higher all-knowing power, by way of my mail box.

As my sinuses filled and my throat tightened, I opened the little envelope from Celestial Seasonings and out popped the cold and cough piece de resistance: wellness tea! Naturally, I went straight for the Echinacea Complete Care tea first.

It was really delicious. Subtly sweet, no sugar needed, and very soothing. I’d never had echinacea tea before (I usually go straight for the drops) but I really loved this and can imagine alternating it with green tea just to keep my immune system purring. I’ve always been a Sleepytime fan, so I’m incredibly thankful to have other delicious CS teas in my cabinet now. Hopefully I’ll be healthy for a while, but I’m sure I’ll find another excuse to try the other teas very soon.

What’s your favorite kind of tea?

Ducks in a Row

I knew I’d be a bit scattered brained this morning since I went to bed late last night, so I made a morning schedule.

6:35: Alarm
6:40: Whittle My Middle (adapted since I dont have a stability ball at home)
6:55: Prep Bodhi’s food and water
7: Shower, brush teeth, get dressed
7:20: make-up
7:30: prep food/photo shoot, eat breakfast
7:45: Read blogs, write post, play with puppy
8:10am: leave apartment and walk to work

So far, it’s 7:39 and I’ve already done everything, including read blogs! I love taking time in the morning to read what everyone has to say about their wonderful weekends, tasty recipes and fun races. It’s a great way to start off my week.

My eats today lined themselves up in a nice orderly fashion like ducks in a row:


I had Chobani Vanilla greek yogurt with a cup of Kashi Golean for breakfast and I’ve got an Apple Pie Larabar for a snack after the gym. The meal I’m most excited about is lunch – leftover chili awaits and the flavors are always so much better after they’ve all mixed together overnight.

Do you make a schedule for yourself in the morning? Do you always follow the same routine?

It looks like we’re going to have some beautiful weather here in NYC today so I’m looking forward to a nice long stroll to work. Have a wonderful day!!

Treats for Everyone!

This morning was full of treats for the whole family. Mama’s treat:


A perfectly made espresso lungo, thanks to one of our most favorite wedding gifts.


Mama’s food treats:


Let’s get a close-up:


Bodhi’s treat:



Such a good puppy waiting for his chicken-flavored treat:


Family treat – knowing that all of us eat food that is delicious AND nutritious!

Do you put as much thought into your pet’s (if you have a pet) treats as your own?

A Weighty Subject

After my run this evening, I grabbed a bag of Soy Crisps to tide me over until dinner. I knew we needed to use the other stuffed chicken breast so I put it in a bread pan and set it to bake in our toaster oven. As it cooked, I opened two packages that had arrived this afternoon:


Thank you so much for the folks at Chobani for sending such a wonderful assortment of yogurts!


I’ve placed them in the fridge and made sure to put the pomegranate flavor in front – I’m most excited about that one 🙂 Look out for them to make quick the splash in my breakfasts over the next few days!

I also got my very first kitchen scale to try from EatSmart. Again, many thanks are in order!


I already tested the scale when I served up my dinner.


The picture below is just less than 1/4 lb of chicken with stuffing and just over a 1/3 lb sweet potato.


A delicious meal followed by a few bites of homemade clam sauce from the Huz Parents on toasted pita. For dessert, we watched Dial M for Murder and munched on a few squares of the Trader Joe’s chocolate I’d first tried last night and I had a handful of raw almonds. I really love Hitchcock films. I saw my first one in college – Rear Window – and I absolutely adore Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly. They don’t make ’em like they used to anymore, huh?

Well, it’s off to bed for me. Have a great night!