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Running Music

One of the most memorable parts of both marathons I’ve run has been the music I listened to. Don’t get me wrong, there are MANY parts of Nike I remember vividly. My top 5 clearest memories are:

1. Pre-race Team in Training dinner where I got to meet Joan Benoit Samuelson and The Penguin.
2. Cresting the hill at the end of mile 6 and looking out at the Pacific Ocean as I coasted downhill.
3. The orange slice someone handed me when I ran through the Presidio.
4. The heat of the out-and-back on the Great Highway.
5.  Counting all 10 toenails after taking my shoes off after the race.

My top 5 MCM memories are:

1. Discovering a “secret” row of port-o-johns and not having to wait in line.
2. Running through Georgetown seeing cheerleaders and drunk guys offering free beer.
3. The Huz jogging with me at mile 16, saying I looked great!
4. Stopping to stretch in the middle of the bridge between miles 20 and 21, and immediately realizing that was a mistake.
5. The Marine who told me to run the last .2 miles and his beautiful, handsome face that convinced me to push through the pain.

One of the best parts of all these memories is the soundtrack I had on during each of them*. The Huz surprised me with a fantastic playlist for Nike. I remember running up the hill toward the Presidio and “Higher and Higher” playing. I remember feeling totally exhausted running around Lake Merced and, for some reason that continues to elude me, I kept repeating “Black Horse & The Cherry Tree” over and over.

This year, I supplemented my 2007 playlist (which ranged from Al Green to White Snake) with some new and new-to-me tunes:

Down – Jay Sean
Whatcha Say – Jason DeRulo
Empire State of Mind – Jay-Z
Run This Town – Jay-Z
Say Hey (I Love You) – Michael Franti & Spearhead
Running Down A Dream – Tom Petty
Never Say Never – The Fray
I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho) – Pitbull
Ants Go Marching – Dave Matthews Band
Crash – Dave Matthews Band
Girl Talk
I Gotta Man – Positive K
NYC Gone Gone – Conor Oberst
Good Lovin’ – The Rascals
Land of 1000 Dances – Wilson Pickett
Diamonds on the Souls of Her Shoes – Paul Simon
St. Elmo’s Fire (Man In Motion) – John Parr
Mighty Wings – Cheap Trick
Flashdance – Irene Cara
Maniac – Michael Sambello
Kenny Loggins – Footloose, Caddyshack, etc
Let’s Hear It For the Boys – Denise Williams
I Need You Tonight – INXS
Tutti Frutti – Little Richard

And if that list isn’t long enough for you, click here for a link to my ENTIRE marathon soundtrack!

*Just a quick note about safety – I do not listen to music in crowded races or when I’m running alone in the city. During MCM, I waited until mile 10 to start my music because the crowd was so packed that I wanted to be aware of my surroundings. I can’t imagine anything worse than tuning out so much that I cut someone off, or tripped over someone else’s feet! Please also note that MCM did not prohibit the use of iPods or other mp3 players and they provided information regarding use of electronics on their site:

The Games Committee for an LDR (long distance running) event may allow the use of portable listening devices not capable of receiving communication; however, those competing in Championships for awards, medals, or prize money may not use such devices.

As I’m sure you guessed, I wasn’t competing for any medal but the finisher bling and I certainly wasn’t a contender for prize money. Many thanks to MCM for permitting me to rock out to some kickin’ tunes while I enjoyed your race!

One last thing in keeping with the musical theme, a few links “of note” (ah ha ha):

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4 Responses

  1. Cool playlist! Love the mix of 80s and pop 🙂

  2. I’m copying that playlist; I’m always looking for new songs!!

    And thanks so much for mentioning the charity drive 🙂

  3. Yeah St. Elmo’s Fire! I feel like a cheeseball when I listen to that song but there’s no denying its awesomeness. Glad you had such an amazing playlist to get you through – I know I never would have made it without tunes!

  4. Sometimes the music is what pushes me through! Right now it’s the Glee soundtrack – I love it!haha

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