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I’m in a Jam Jam

Everyone knows I’m not funny, but I used to think I was. I tried to be witty and snarky and quick with the cool remark. As I’ve grown older and marginally wiser, I’ve learned I have many other strengths. I like to think they make up for my lack of ‘funny’ for the most part. My one weakness is pun making. I know I’ve mentioned my love of puns before (on my About page, for example). Sometimes I search for new puns to share with my loved ones (and enemies). Other puns are passed on to me from those same friends and family and I deem to necessary to ‘pun it forward.’ Every once in a very long while, I come up with something funny of my own. Inevitably, it’s never quite as funny to others as it was in my mind before I spoke it, but it still merits a chuckle.

As part of my bedtime preparation, I try to make prepare the next day’s meals. I had gathered the lucky ingredients from our cabinets: Nature’s Path whole wheat bread, Trader Joe’s salted creamy peanut butter and roasted pumpkin seeds. All that remained was the sweet to go with the salty. Into the refrigerator I delved in search of my favorite preserves.

Oh no! I was in a jam jam!

I managed to scrape out just enough to make my sandwich and that, along with my joke, made for a very nice lunch.

Unfortunately, when I shouted out to the living room about my preserve predicament, The Huz just didn’t laugh as hard. Ah well, we aren’t all cultured enough to really appreciate some word play.

What’s your favorite flavor of jam or preserves?


18 Responses

  1. My favorites are strawberry and grape….yum 🙂

  2. Cute…my favorite jam flavor is cherry!

  3. I hope you don’t have an empty jar of dills or gherkins in your fridge or you’ll be in a pickle pickle too!;)

  4. My new favorite bread spread is my homemade spiced pear butter. Made it last week to use up an overabundance of beautiful red d’anjou. Infused with cinnamon stick, whole cloves and chopped crystallized ginger for zing, it’s yummy on whole grain toast or to dress up crackers and cheese. I’ve already finished one jar but I’ll try to restrain myself so there will be some left for your next visit.

  5. Hehe – I appreciate it. Plus, as a communications person I appreciate all word-related jokes or puns. I was in a peanut butter predicament this morning – so my PB&J sandwich plan had to be postponed (as you can see I also love alliteration).

    I tried apricot jam for the first time recently and loved it – might need to pick some of that up along with some more PB.

    • mmm i’ve also tried and love bitter orange marmelade. i found it at a specialty shop in brooklyn a while back and it’s fantastic, especially with bagels since it’s got a more powerful flavor.

  6. Were you wearing your PJs when you discovered your jam predicament? Because then it would’ve been a pajama jam…jam. Ok I’ll stop.

    Gosh I haven’t bought jam/preserves in so long…why?! But I think the last time I did it was raspberry. 😀

  7. at first i thought your title was from that really old rap song (i cant remember who or what but it has a similar line)…anyways, its not referencing that kind of jam, so youre pun is – almost – a better reference. haha. i do like puns as well. we are a pathetic bunch arent we.

  8. I’ve found there’s often a surprising amount of jam/peanut butter/spreadable left in jars that seem almost empty. I like marionberry jam. It’s fun to say.

  9. Mine would probably be apricot? But there are so many tasty ones out there that it really is hard to choose!

  10. LOL, my grandpa was the king of puns. You guys would have got along famously! I think a jam jam is pretty funny!

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